COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) in the USA Healthcare Setting


BioSerenity Inc. offers 24/7 health care services, provides medical and research services specializing in remote EEG electrophysiologic and sleep disorder diagnostic services.

Given the current pandemic with COVID-19, many individuals are being advised to avoid hospitals, clinics, and other potentially crowded healthcare facilities.

For this reason, many patients are turning to telemedicine and remote digital healthcare services to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Social distancing CDC Resources in the healthcare environment is strongly advocated to avoid further community spread. Those with serious or life-threatening symptoms and illnesses should certainly seek medical care in the health facilities. Those patients receiving elective or routine evaluations may have the ability to receive some services in the convenience of their home or single patient diagnostic clinics.

BioSerenity Inc., offers 24/7 healthcare services, provides medical, and research services specializing in remote EEG electrophysiologic and sleep disorder diagnostic services.  

We have a responsibility to our patients and healthcare providers to act swiftly and efficiently to provide the necessary diagnostic and health monitoring services for the general population and health facilities overcoming this pandemic. We therefore remain open and will be conducting our usual services during this pandemic and will be operating under normal business hours. We are continuing to care for our patients and offer support to our healthcare providers. 

Throughout the pandemic, BioSerenity continues to offer services for those requiring ambulatory EEG evaluations, sleep disorder testing, and soon, cardiac monitoring. In addition to our usual clinical activities, we are also preparing to expand our services to anticipate the future needs of healthcare professionals to better address the new challenges due to the pandemic.

BioSerenity is continuing to provide services during the outbreak

ACCUSOM® devices to identify respiratory distress in patients.

Our health care specialists are available to provide devices that may be used for home sleep testing and assessment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Remote assisted clinical support and evaluations.

BioSerenity clinicians are available to healthcare professionals (MDs) to perform patient home-examinations based on the need and for remote clinical monitoring or guidance.

Emergency on-call services.

Our clinicians are available to perform emergency on-call diagnostic EEG and Sleep associated respiratory distress study services, at the patient’s home.

During this time of public health crisis, our objective is sharing our expertise to support patients and healthcare professionals. If you need to have an evaluation or diagnostic study for your patient, they may schedule an appointment, by calling our scheduling and triage line at our Bioserenity Companies: (weekdays from 8 am – 10 pm and weekends from 8 am – 6 pm.)

  1. For Sleep Lab Studies and Polysomnography 800-753-3763

  2. For Home Sleep Studies- using the AccuSom®device 877-753-3776

  3. For Ambulatory EEG studies- DigiTrace 800-753-3763

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the number one priority is to avoid the spread of the virus. For all clinic and home visit appointments, we will perform a health screening survey by phone. All of clinicians use Personal Protective Equipment when in direct contact with all patients to avoid potential infection to the patient or themselves.



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BioSerenity, through its telemedicine subsidiaries, is currently deploying technologists and physicians to perform and interpret electrophysiological evaluations, and to remotely monitor patients.