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BioSerenity is a fast growing company which combines high tech engineering, medical development and big data analytics.

With over 12 national and international awards, BioSerenity has received the support of doctors and patients from all around the world. The company has over 150 employees in Europe, Asia and North America. Our headquarters are located with the Brain and Spine Institute ( at the heart of the largest teaching hospital in France : la Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris.


Modèle photo trois-quarts du prototype neuronaute
Modèle photo face du prototype neuronaute

Our Vision

Our objective is to solve three problems :


Allowing long term recordings without
increasing patient burden or hospital costs.

Reducing diagnostic errors that are
due to lack of data or misinterpretation errors.

Helping patients to receive the appropriate right
treatment as fast as possible.


BioSerenity tackles these challenges with the help of a rich ecosystem of partners. We collaborate with patient groups, academic centers, hospitals and industry.

Modèle photo trois-quarts du prototype neuronaute
Modèle photo face du prototype neuronaute

Technology at the service of health

Faced with increasing healthcare costs and a number of unmet medical needs, technology offers solutions on a number of levels, reducing  time and space limitations.

smartphone 2

A solution for many applications

  • Diagnosis

  • Monitoring

  • Clinical Trials

Our technical expertise

BioSerenity offers a complete solution.


France is a country with a rich past in the textile industry, combining technical expertise and fashion. With our own factory and textile R&D lab, we are able to carefully select raw materials, innovate in design and function. When it comes to clothing some aspects are critical : comfort, size and design. With the help of the French Fashion Institute and IFTH we conceive clothing that combines form and function. Our expertize helps us assure that sensors are well positioned while clothing remains comfortable and functional over long periods of time.

Remote Diagnostics

Serenity Medical Services, BioSerenity’s affiliate, operates a successful tele-expertise service. Leveraging a Cloud platform, it is now possible to transmit and collaborate on electro-physiology graphs in a secure way or request a remote interpretation. All the data is stored through secured healthcare compliant hosting. Our platform is available 24/7 and the service is already used by dozens of hospitals in Europe.

Mobile Application

Our apps operate as remote controls for our devices but also as communication channels with patients. With video and audio available on smartphones, apps can help us collect patient consent, pathological data and much more. This allows us to map the patient pathway and timestamp signals through patient feedback and surveys.

Internet of Things

Our medical devices have medical grade sensors with high sampling rates. Multiplying sensors and patients requires a flexible yet sturdy IT infrastructure to maintain optimal performance.
Our IoT platform fully complies with healthcare regulation. Our systems are designed to limit access to patients and their dedicated healthcare professional only. During clinical trials our platform can be customized to track large patient cohorts.

Artificial Intelligence

Traditional mathematical modeling does not offer the sensibility and specificity required when reading complex multimodal signals. Thanks to our shared laboratory with the Brain and Spine Institute we are able to develop machine learning based artificial intelligence systems to assist doctors in their interpretation of patient data. We are then able to identify and clinically validate digital biomarkers that are specific to patients or pathologies specific.