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It's so easy, you can do it in your sleep.


Volunteering for one of our studies helps bring new therapies, devices, and algorithms to patients living with sleep, neurology, and cardiology disorders through research.

How does it work?


Why is it important

Research has led to important discoveries that

makes our lives better. Some examples are:

  • AccuSom - a home sleep testing device.

  • Neuronaute + IceCap - an EEG device.

  • New drugs to treat diseases.

  • Improved medical procedures.

What is research

  • Research is a study that is done to answer a question.

  • Scientists do research because they don't know for sure what works best to help you.

  • Some other words that describe research are clinical trials, protocol, survey, or experiment.

  • Research is not the same as treatment.


And the best part about BioSerenity Research?

You never have to
leave your home.

Our pledge to you.

We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects all people regardless of tradition, heritages, values, ethnical backgrounds, races, gender, demographics or experiences. 


It is important to us that we represent everyone in our clinical studies to ensure that the future of healthcare benefits all people equally and ethically.


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